Sunday, February 2, 2014

Review: Banila co. Prime Primer Classic

Hi everyone!! Today's review is going to be on a face primer which is the Banila co. Prime Primer Classic!

This primer comes in a white frosted bottle with a pump. The primer is actually transparent and a little bit thick (thicker than Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence). The texture of the primer when I blend it in feels very smooth and velvety -kinda like how everyone describes the Smashbox primer. After applying this primer, my skin does look and feel a lot smoother than it was without and my BB cream applied very easily on. I'm not sure if this is supposed to "fill in" or "cover/blur" pores but this primer minimizes my pores just by a little bit.

One thing I really like about this primer is the oil control it has! I know there's another version of this primer called "Classic Matte" which is for oily skin but the classic one is already good enough for me! I used it on the first day of Chinese New Year for almost 12 hours and my makeup still looked good!! I did have to blot twice throughout the day but it wasn't a problem.

Here's the primer on my hand just to show you how it looks like:

I used it again today under my foundation and set it with the Tony Moly Face Mix Finish Loose Powder (which doesn't actually mattify very much LOL) and I only noticed my skin getting a bit shiny after around 4 hours!! Normally my face would start getting oily in about 1 or 2 hours ~_~

I was so impressed by this primer!! Mainly because the other primer kinda sucked but this worked so well for me! Aside from the Classic and Classic Matte, there's also one for dry skin.

  • Very smooth and velvety texture
  • Makes skin smooth and makeup is easier to apply
  • Very good oil control
  • Pores still noticeable after applying primer

Overall, I really love this primer because it's perfect for my skin! Even in the hot weather, my skin wouldn't get too oily like it normally would if I didn't use any and I won't have to blot that often or reapply powder which is great! :D Thanks for reading! Have a nice day :)


  1. I want the for oily skin version lol.
    Now I really wanna try this out. UGHHH I am in need of a real oil controlling primer!

    Definitely gonna look this up.

    Did you notice any clogging or something else?

    1. You should definitely try this out!! It didn't clog my pores or break out my skin whatsoever ^^

    2. Yayyy!
      I'm definitely putting this on my wishlist then.
      Thank you for the review xD

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