Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: Etude House Wonder Pore White Clay Clear

Hey everyone! This is gonna be the first time I'm reviewing a 'skincare' product instead of makeup so I apologize if it isn't that good of a review hahha. Anyway, this review is going to be on yet another Etude House product, which is the Etude House Wonder Pore White Clay Clear.

This clay mask is said to be a 7-in-1 'Total Pore Solution' which claims to:
  • Deep cleanse pores
  • Maintain ph 4.5 +/- 1
  • Control a large amount of the sebum
  • Minimize appearance of pores
  • Refine the skin tones
  • Keep the elasticity of pores
  • Moisturize inside and outside of the skin

This clay mask is packaged in a light blue tub with a lid and a spatula to scoop out the clay (which is good to avoid getting the clay into your nails XD). The texture of the clay is feels a bit "bouncy" and it was kinda hard to spread out on my skin the first few tries. Since the texture is so strange, it's quite hard to get an even layer on the skin.

Once the clay mask is applied on the skin, my skin would feel a cooling/tingly sensation. The feeling is not very strong and doesn't make my skin feel as if it's burning. I usually leave it on for 15 or 20 minutes, which is the recommended time and then I will wash it off with warm water.

One thing I find about this mask is that it's kinda hard to wash off. I need to rinse my face so many times just to get the product off my face. I don't know if it's just me because I haven't tried many clay masks or are clay masks supposed to be like that?

Anyway, overall I can say that not all the claims are necessarily true. This mask does clean my pores very well and only minimizes the appearance of pores if used regularly. I think this mask does help with sebum control, too but I don't think this mask "moisturizes" my skin (doesn't dry my skin out either) and also about the "Refine skin tones" claim, I don't really see any difference.

Overall this clay mask is good but it's not as amazing as it claims to be. With this clay mask, you do need to use it regularly to see any sorts of results. But the good thing is, this mask isn't messy since the consistency is quite solid but bouncy. Quite easy to spread out after you get used to it and you don't need a lot every time you use it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love using clay masks when I break out. For the clay mask, I just get a small towel soaked with warm water and wipe the clay mask off my face. After that I just rinse with cold water and done! :D

    It sucks that it's not as amazing as it claims to be.. D: Thanks for the review though! ^^

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll try that the next time I use this :D

      Yeah it does :( I was expecting so much more LOL

  2. I have a love and hate with clay masks, hehe... I got a sample pack of this before and I tried it and it was pretty good. But now I'm using Innisfree's Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask soft and the mask came in a jar too and I find that after several applications, the product tends to dry out a little because it's exposed to the air when you apply it onto your face previously. Thus making the following application harder to apply and messier as well :(

    1. Aw, that sucks! I really wanna try the Innisfree clay masks though, are they any good?

  3. The texture seems really unique :O I've never used a clay mask but I might in the future. It's a shame this wasn't as good as it said it would be :/ Thanks for the review!

    1. Exactly! I've never used anything like this before haha. I know hahaha :/ but it's worth a try if you really want to test it out! Maybe the results would be different for you ^^

  4. this clay mask may cleanse our pores but moisturizing?
    I dun think so...
    I wanna try innisfree jeju volcanicpure clay mask too...wonder how is the effect
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